Stitches is at it again. The controversial Miami rapper was arrested on gun and drug charges while backing out of a handicapped spot in a Whole Foods parking lot on Wednesday night.

From TMZ:

"According to the police report, officers spotted the rapper's Porsche pulling out of a Miami Whole Foods lot Wednesday night. Cops immediately recognized Stitches from previous arrests -- he has a unique face -- and asked if he had a gun. He said no.

However, he did immediately hand over a rolled up, slightly burnt joint ... according to cops. When they searched the car, they found a Glock under his seat and 2 magazines of ammo. Cops say he apologized and said he thought they were asking if he had a gun ON him ... not IN his car."

Authorities also discovered a mason jar filled with 39 grams of weed and one oxycodone pill. He was arrested on felony gun charges and marijuana possession.