In many ways, Juice WRLD's rise to stardom went hand in hand with Sting's music. His breakout "Lucid Dreams" interpolated Sting's somber and breathtaking "Shape Of Your Heart," the perfect backdrop for Juice's emotional reflections on a soured relationship. Despite the song's success, which likely meant an increased bag for the Police rockstar, rumors of bad blood bubbled; in November of last year, it was rumored that Sting was pressing hard against Juice WRLD, threatening lawsuits and sparking a heated royalty dispute. The rumor was peddled further by "Lucid Dreams" producer Nick Mira, who attempted to spark a "Fuck Sting" movement in retaliation. 

 Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images 

Now, with Juice WRLD having passed away at the age of 21, Sting has issued a statement to Billboard. "This is such a tragic loss for the world of music, a young life with so much potential and a unique and precious talent," he wrote, making sure to show Juice some appreciation. "'Lucid Dreams' was my favorite of all the many interpolations of 'Shape of My Heart,' it will resonate for many years to come. My sincere condolences to the family."

Though Billboard didn't provide a direct quote, they confirmed that Sting denied all rumors surrounding a "Lucid Dreams" lawsuit. Apparently, his spokesperson deemed the aforementioned to be "not true," providing no further clarification than that. At this moment, it's unclear how the royalties for "Lucid Dreams" are arranged to be paid out. Either way, Sting has made his position clear: when it comes to Juice WRLD's music, he's most certainly a fan.