Stevie J and Faith Evans are happy newlyweds, and the couple sat down with TMZ's Raquel Harper on her BET show Raq Rants recently. Stevie J and Evans spoke about their romance, but Harper went for a much more intriguing question during her interview. Harper asked the couple how the late Notorious BIG would feel about the two being married. Stevie J was a producer for Biggie, and was also a close friend. In fact, Stevie is the Godfather of Biggie and Faith Evan's son, Christopher Jordan Wallace Jr.

Both Stevie and Evans believe that Biggie would be happy that his ex is happy. C.J.'s Godfather is now also his stepfather, a relationship that the couple says works well. Evans admits that maybe if she dated someone like Lil' Cease, that may have been questionable on her part. Evans also brought up the fact that she had a 13-year marriage in between her new relationship. Stevie wasn't too pleased to hear Evans talk about her last husband, Todd. Combined, from past relationships, Stevie J and Faith Evans have ten children to look after. With the number of royalties coming Evans' way, I'm pretty sure the kids will be fine.