Stevie J has been sharing his newest ink job on social media. The producer is enthusiastic about the newest addition that was carved to honor the current chapter of his love life. A tweet was posted to his account to show off his tattoo. The letters "FRJ" are scarred onto the side of his face, next to his ear. They represent his new love's initials, which stand for "Faith Renee Jordan."

A picture of his tattoo came alone with sweet words to clearly state his intentions: "All I desire to hear in my world. #FaithReneeJordan."

The newlywed couple seems head-over-heels in love. They eloped in Las Vegas last week, getting married in the privacy of a hotel room. The pair's legal union was so swift that Faith Evans' first husband was left out of the marriage license which requires details about previous marriages. Faith acknowledged it was a mistake made by the clerk who fashioned their documents, but her focus seems to be her newfound joy in her relationship with Stevie, even after he was accused of cheating.

The pair is releasing a joint single in a few days. "A minute" is set to drop at the same time as its visuals later this week.