Stevie J isn't feeling the current state of the music industry, and he's apparently tired of holding his tongue. In a recent post to Instagram, the Love & Hip-Hop star slammed the music industry for allowing such an excessive amount of untalented artists and record executives to rise to prominence. In light of his frustration, Stevie J also reveals that he will be going on Instagram Live to air out his grievances. 

 Stevie J. celebrates the "Biggie Inspires" Art Exhibit & Celebration at William Vale Hotel on September 13, 2019 in New York City.
Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

"I'm here for the real gifted x talented individuals not for the hype," the hitmaker says in the post's caption. "Stop signing your non talented homies, game is turning to trash. Real music, musicians x true artist only!"

In the actual picture that he shared with his 2.3 million Instagram followers, Stevie J writes, "This music industry is full of non talented individuals. I'm respectfully going live tomorrow dissecting these wack, soulless x non talented artist x these trash non talented executives. Enuff is Enough."

While he didn't name anyone in particular, there are a number of Hip-Hop artists who have made a practice of signing people close to them, so it will be interesting to hear which specific artists he is referring to. Stay tuned to see what Stevie J has to say when he goes on Instagram Live later today.