As his son sits in jail awaiting his fate, Stevie J is making sure that his boy at least has a penpal or two. The Love & Hip Hop star's 24-year-old son, Dorian Henderson, hasn't always had the best relationship with his father, but over the last few years, the two seemed to have put aside their differences. Yet, the young man has had a run-in with the law that landed him behind bars.

On the evening of Halloween, Dorian was reportedly arrested in Buffalo, New York and hit with weapons charges. Since that time, Dorian has remained in custody at the Erie County Correctional Center. Stevie took to social media to reach out to his female followers, requesting that they send his boy some mail. The famed producer even publicly dropped off Dorian's jail address and shared a series of sexy photos of his son to impress the ladies.

The ploy seems to have worked because there were a number of women who commented on how good looking Dorian is and that they'd definitely be sending a letter or two. Meanwhile, it's reported that because New York has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States, Dorian could be looking at upwards of four years behind bars. This may not be Dorian's first clash with the law, as Wetpaint reported back in 2015 that he was arrested on criminal weapons charges.