Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez have been disagreeing for some time when it comes to the custody of their daughter. Things started when Stevie accused Joseline of keeping their daughter away from him forcing him to file for full custody claiming he was concerned for his daughter's wellbeing. A few weeks later after Stevie got a court order to visit his daughter in Miami, Joseline still kept him away from her leading to her arrest and little Bonnie Bella put in the custody of her father.

Joseline clapped back and requested her daughter be returned home immediately but by the looks of the duo's latest shares on Instagram, they've finally come to an understanding when it comes to their daughter. As per a post shared by Stevie, you can see Joseline seated next to her new man with Stevie, friends and their daughter all at one restaurant table.

In another image, Joseline and her new man pose with Stevie and his wife Faith Evans as well as their daughter. "Amazing show tonight #FaithEvans #StevieJ #goodvibes #philly," she captioned the image.

Clearly, the exes have reached an agreement that will benefit them when it comes to time spent with their daughter and that's only good news for Bonnie Bella.