"MAY 24 EXPECT AN ALBUM FROM STEVE LACY," were the words, Steve Lacy, to announce the release of his solo debut. Once you look past the robotic tone set by his 3rd person address, Lacy conjures up "feel good" sensations in his music. The Internet member is primarily regarded for his songwriting contributions within the group, but that might not even be his greatest accomplishment to date. That distinction is better placed in the edgework he's done on other records like Solange (When I Get Home) or indie rock outfit Vampire Weekend for the song "Sunflower," for which a video was made with him in a supporting role.

Steve Lacy outlined his plans for the unnamed project in an interview/editorial published by i-D mag titled "steve lacy: musical wunderkind." He spoke about the process on his other "debut" Steve Lacy's Demo, before moving onto his current projections. You'll come to notice, Steve Lacy loves to refer to himself in the 3rd person, but not because he's in psychosis or anything. For the record, Steve Lacy's Demo isn't a fully-fledged "studio album" because he simply didn't want it to be one. As outlined in the above Instagram post, Steve Lacy fans should expect an album of some sort on May 24th, but what kind of album... it's impossible to say without peering into his innermost thoughts. However, the image depicted in the Instagram posting would be the cover design, so revel in that.