Andrew Wiggins has had an interesting start to his career although it hasn't always been positive. Wiggins was drafted first overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers and was eventually traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves where they needed him to be a superstar right out of the gate. Unfortunately for Wiggins and Minnesota, things didn't turn out that way and yesterday, they traded him to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for D'Angelo Russell.

During a recent interview, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spoke about Wiggins' addition to the team and how he's going to fit in. As Kerr explains, the Warriors already have superstars on their team and won't need to thrust Wiggins into the spotlight. Kerr believes this will allow him to develop like a normal player.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

“Draymond [Green] will definitely be in his ear, in a positive way and in a motivational way as well,” Kerr said via KNBR. “Minnesota needed him to be a star. And we’re not asking him to be a star. We’re asking him to play a role on a team that already has some star players.”

The Warriors are currently last place in the Western Conference so for now, they're going to need a bit more out of him. Once Steph Curry and Klay Thompson return, it's very possible we see him blossom as a serviceable role player who can give you some offense when called upon.