DeMarcus Cousins was given a chance to prove himself this upcoming season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The star player was given a one-year deal and if he could escape the season without injuries, he would have been in prime position for a huge contract. Unfortunately, it was announced yesterday that Cousins had suffered an ACL injury and that he would have to miss the vast majority of next season. It's a horrible turn of events for a player that many fans were rooting for this upcoming season, especially when you consider how many injuries he's suffered over the years.

NBA players rushed to support Cousins, while his former coach in Golden State, Steve Kerr, was asked about the whole ordeal. As you can imagine, Kerr was upset by the news and had some well wishes for his former player.

“I’m devastated for DeMarcus," Kerr said. "It’s been a couple of years of hell. I was really hoping this season would be a chance to get healthy. We’re all crushed for him.”

Cousins will have to receive surgery on his ACL and as of right now, there is no confirmed timeline for his recovery and return. For now, Cousins will have to make sure he gets his rest and continue to persevere as the season progresses. Hopefully the Lakers star can turn it around and return for a playoff run.