Over the past few months, the NBA and its players have invested time and energy into the Black Lives Matter movement. There have been some horrific police shootings and killings over the past few months, which has forced many to take action, in order to better the lives of those who are disproportionally affected. 

When it comes to giving black people opportunities at the head coaching level, both the NBA and the NFL have been under scrutiny. Perhaps the best example of this was last week when the Nets hired Steve Nash who has zero head coaching experience, over numerous black head coaches with a more extensive resume. While speaking to The Mercury News, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spoke about the lack of black head coaches in the league, and what the league should do to change this.

Steve Kerr

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

“We’ve got to do better in the NBA. A few years ago, I think we had 14 Black head coaches. There are only six this year, maybe seven out of the 30?” Kerr said. “I think the NBA does a pretty good job but much like the rest of society, there are inherent advantages when you’re a White person. It’s important that White people are aware of the lack of opportunity that a lot of Black people are facing, and we’ve got to address that.”

This offseason, numerous teams will be looking for a new head coach, which hopefully means numerous black men will be given new opportunities.