The Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers are embroiled in a pretty entertaining series right now. As expected, the Warriors are winning the series, although they're only up 3-2 and the Clippers look like a team that can push it to seven games if they really dig deep. One of the biggest storylines of the series has been Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley. Beverley has been a pain in Durant's side and the two can be seen engaged in a spirited battle every match.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr seems to be fed up with Beverley though, saying the player is a frequent flopper so that he can draw foul calls. There was one instance in particular during game five where Draymond Green was assessed a technical foul. For Kerr, the referee was coaxed into making a bad call.

"I didn't think it was a good call," Kerr said according to ESPN. "You know Beverley's going to flop, and Draymond turned. It looked like Tyson punched him in the face."

Kerr went on to explain that the offensive foul that was called before the tech was bogus and that Beverley completely oversold it.

"Beverley's good at that," Kerr said. "His head literally snaps back. I worry he's going to get whiplash on some of these flops. But he's good at it. And the refs, they're oftentimes partial to the little guy who's down there."

Game six goes down on Friday and if the Clippers win Game seven will be played on Sunday.