Just over a year ago, Steve Harvey had a legendarily embarrassing moment on live TV when he accidentally read the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant. This 2017’s pageant was held last night and they somehow inevitably invited Harvey back to host again. The contestants didn’t pass up an opportunity to troll the host and comedian.

First, Harvey made the mistake of asking this year’s Miss Colombia representative how her country really feels about him. Andrea Tover responded bluntly, “a lot of people hate you,” before softening her statement by telling Harvey, “but I love you!” Then she answered the rest of his questions in Spanish.

Finally, just as Harvey was preparing to announce the winner, the (real) 2016 winner Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Philippines) came out on stage and presented Harvey with a set of extremely thick reading glasses. The crowd understandably loved it, and Harvey read off the winner’s name (Miss France Iris Mittenaere) without incident. Check out the video below.

All in all, Steve Harvey has to to consider this a successful night. He hasn’t exactly been on a roll lately, getting dragged on Twitter for a terrible, racist joke and taking a meeting with Donald Trump.