In today’s digital age, “outfit of the day” photos have become something of a societal norm. Just about anyone with internet access and an Instagram account won’t hesitate to toss up a selfie whenever they put together a fire fit, and Steve Harvey is no exception.

Many of us know and love Harvey as the hilarious host of Family Feud, but now the 64-year-old is following in his step-daughter’s footsteps and making a name for himself as a fashion killer.

Over the past week, the West Virginia native has been stepping up his styling game, and showing it off on social media. On Monday, he rocked a bright yellow coat while celebrating his wife’s birthday in Paris, and the looks have only gotten better and more bold since then.

In one outfit, Harvey can be seen wearing all green, looking like a slick villain straight out of a superhero movie. Several Twitter users thought the same, and began photoshopping the game show host to look even more in-character.

Other outfits have included a velvet suit, an all black ensemble, and a pair of leather pants, all of which have earned equally amazing reactions from the internet.

It’s unclear if Harvey has seen the memes yet or not, but after all the attention his outfits this week has gotten, it’s very clear that his stylist, Elly Karamoh, deserves a raise.

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