Just a few days after comedian Mark Curry blasted Steve Harvey for stealing his jokes, the original Kings Of Comedy star is now responding to those claims and his response is definitely no laughing matter.

Curry's comments to TMZ (seen above) detail a Halloween bit that Harvey apparently stole on two separate occasions: once on his now-canceled daytime talk show Steve, and again on the Kids Say the Darndest Things-esque variety show Little Big Shots. However, Steve is now defending himself by flat out denying the thievery altogether and claiming that Curry can't even name the joke he claims was stolen in the first place. "Steve Harvey ain't been on stage since 2015," the legendary comedian said, referring to himself in third-person. He went on to add, "Ask Mark Curry what joke he talkin' 'bout [sic]. Tell him to grow up, man!" After also telling Curry to "get a life" and "get a career," Steve explained that Mark doesn't know what he's talking about and is simply making stuff up. Sadly, we don't see this beef ending amicably — one of them needs to just dead the whole thing altogether.

Watch a few clips of both comedic legends at their primetime peaks below, and then let us know whose side you're on: