Earlier this year, Steve Harvey decided to go a different route, switching up a look that had become instantly recognizable. The comedian was famous for his signature humor but people often associated him with his bushy mustache. When Steve decided to grow out a beard and trim his upper lip, people were surprised to see that he had finally embraced a new look. While a man's facial hair is usually not newsworthy enough to create headlines, the TV host appears to have that sort of allure. He sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and one of the first topics that came up was his beard.

Ellen asked why he chose to switch things up, to which he joked that he was on vacation and had forgotten his Just For Men at home. Instead of buying new dye for his mustache, he chose to let the rest of his facial hair grow out. "This either gon' be sexy or I'm ugly as hell," said the actor. Ellen proceeded to praise him for the change, telling him that he "looks great." Steve was flattered but he did point out that some of his haters online have trashed him for growing out his beard. He revealed that somebody told him that he "looks old," to which he replied that he is, indeed, old.

How do you feel about Steve's new look?