Rumors have been spiraling around recently with regards to Steve Harvey and his marriage to his third wife, Marjorie Harvey (then Bridges). The couple's rumored split coincides with the possible ending of Harvey's self-titled daytime talk show which has been on television for a total of six seasons since its 2002 debut. While the rumors have been previously dismissed by the couple on numerous occasions, recent reports indicated the famous comedian transferred the ownership of his properties, so it is under his name. The latter added fuel to the fire and went onto convincing many that Steve and Marjorie were no longer.  

Now, BOSSIP reveals the couple has shut-down the breakup claims. The pair attended the Kentucky Derby this past weekend and shared a video with their son, Broderick Harvey Jr. Herein, the skit-like video shows Broderick approaching the couple to ask if they are breaking up. The two look confused and subtly mock all the previous gossip that has ever been told about them. A bold move indeed which goes onto firmly confirming that they are in fact, very much still together. The caption tied to the video reads: "awww say it ain't so." 

Steve and Marjorie Harvey wedded back in 2007, they share 7 children together which includes Lori Harvey and 3 stepchildren.