Michael Scott, aka Steve Carell, got one of his big breaks thirteen years ago in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Possibly the most famous scene in the movie is when Carrell, in an attempt to make himself more attractive and thus lose his virginity, gets his chest waxed, a notoriously painful experience. Now, everyone deals with pain differently, but Carrell had a particularly odd exclamation of pain: "Kelly Clarkson!"

Carrell didn't know her back then, he was just improvising. But this past January he met her at an awards show and "accosted" her on the red carpet with her wife. Considering the iconic moment, he had to say hi. He says, of meeting her,"she is awesome."

Last night Carrell went on The Tonight Show where Jimmy Fallon asked him all about it, from the filming of the movie to the moment, thirteen years later, when he met Clarkson: "I though she'd be mad at me about that, cause I'd never met her over those years, like 'is he making fun of me? Why would he say that in anguish?' Incidentally, I love Kelly Clarkson, I'm a big fan to begin with, so that's part of the reason I yelled it." Watch the full video below: