Last week Cam'ron took to instagram to call out a bunch of former NYC high school basketball legends, including Stephon Marbury, and said he "gave them the business" back in the early '90s.

As many of you know, Killa Cam was one of the best high school basketball players in New York City during his heyday, so this isn't some LaVar Ball type nonsense. 

But Cam had to know that if he started chirping at his old rivals, they'd start coming back at him as well, which is exactly what Marbury, Kareem Reid and Rafer "Skip To My Lou" Alston have done. 

Most notably, it's Marbury who has come back at Cam on social media.

Cam'ron then posted a screenshot of that response on his instagram page and challenged Marbury to a 1-on-1 for charity.

"@starburymarbury 😂😂u ain't lying. I did use to blow (nh) spit bubbles on niggas.. But how bout this, me and u 1 on 1 July 4, Madison square garden.. Half the proceeds go to @deli_cash family (RIP). Let me know if u want that sauce?!! Oh yea I forgot u gotta go back to China 😑 why u here in America anyway? U said U wasn't ever coming back? u know u still my nigga tho!! 💪🏾🏀"

Marbury, who is still playing ball in China, says he's down for the 1-on-1, possibly at Harlem's Rucker Park, and he'd be willing to spot Cam 5 out of 10 points. And give him ball.

Check out Marbury's tweets below regarding the possible 1-on-1 showdown while we await Cam's imminent rebuttal.