Stephon Marbury today unveiled the next line of Starbury sneakers which happen to be his brand's version of Kanye West's AdidasYeezy Boost 350 (You can check out the real, brand new Yeezy Boost 650 here).

Four coloways of the Yeezy Boost knock-offs were revealed through Marbury's IG account and surprisingly the feedback on his post has been nothing but positive. Which really means Stephon is deleting each and every comment that is undoubtedly trashing the fugazzi Boosts.

Some of you may remember that he previously called out Michael Jordan on Twitter for continuing to produce Air Jordans with such a high retail price when they cost so little to make and are often the cause of violence in the sneaker community. There's no doubt he feels the same way about Kanye's $200 Yeezy Boosts which can go for $1000 on the secondary market. 

A release date and a retail price hasn't been announced for the Starbury Yeezy Boosts but they shouldn't cost much more than a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. 

Are you on-board with Stephon Marbury's affordable interpretation of such a popular shoe or nah?