Last night, city officials met in Sacramento during a routine council meeting to address issues and concerns plaguing the capital of California. However, things were abruptly shaken up when Stevante Clark, the brother of Stephon, came in uninvited to impede on the day's proceedings. 

Stephon was recently shot and killed by a local policeman in his own backyard, and was unarmed at the time. Naturally, this has sparked a public outrage amongst residents of Sacramento and the world-at-large, as the plight to end police brutality targeted at black people has not yet fully realized.

Stevante, alongside a group of like-minded protestors, entered into the space in order to have their voices heard. The grief-stricken brother jumped up on the desk and shouted down at mayor Darrell Steinberg and the rest of the city council. He very resonantly proclaimed that "the mayor and the city of Sacramento has failed all of you," before urging for an end to gang violence, high rents and poverty. 

As Steinberg was heard muttering to Stevante to stop, he retorted with "Now the mayor wants to talk to me. The chief of police got my brother killed. He doesn't care. He doesn’t show no emotion at all. And y'all get mad at me for not crying on the news." 

The meeting was temporarily paused in order to evacuate the protestors. A planned council session for Wednesday was canceled out of respect for Stephon's wake. 

One person was arrested outside of city hall for following an altercation with an officer on duty.