The shooter responsible for 58 deaths and hundreds injured in Las Vegas last week, had reportedly booked a hotel room overlooking the Lollapalooza festival just two months prior. The four-day festival, that is based in Chicago, ran from August 3rd to August 6th. 

TMZ reports that Stephen Paddock booked two rooms at a Michigan Avenue hotel, with a specific request to have his room overlook the venue at Grant Park. Stephen reportedly booked one room for August 1st (two days before the festival began) and the second for August 3rd. Both dates had an August 6th checkout, the same day the festival ended. 

Although Stephen never checked in to his booked hotel rooms (thankfully), it's scary to think of what could have been, considering the view he had. His hotel room had the perfect bird's eye view of the festival grounds and saw the entrance to the festival, which had around 400,000 guests pouring in and out. If an emergency was to happen, whether it be a shooting or just a quick escape needed, things would be hard as Lake Michigan is on one side of the grounds leaving only one main exit. 

We also learned yesterday that Stephen had rented out numerous rooms in a condo that overlooked the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, where Lorde and Chance the Rapper headlined. He rented rooms at The Ogden, a 21-story luxury condo building with perfect views of the Life Is Beautiful Festival grounds.

UFC President Dana White has stepped forward since the massacre to donate $1M to the families of those affected. In addition to the fund, the UFC 216 pay-per-view event on Saturday, located at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas, will see all proceeds "dedicated to the entire city of Las Vegas." 

"At the end of the day, this is our city -- we love this place," White told ESPN. "The first thing when we got up this morning, everybody, personally, got it together and made sure anybody they know or love was OK. Then we came in here and made sure all of our employees are OK.