Stephen King's It is considered, by and large, a masterpiece of the genre (barring one strange scene in particular - readers will know the one). The success of the original novel certainly translated to the big screen, as proven by 2017's cinematic rendition. With Bill Skarsgard taking up the mantle of the villainous Pennywise, many praised the film's adventurous tone, blending horror elements with coming-of-age themes. Now, with the concluding chapter set to hit theatres this September, the first official footage has been revealed during a Comic-Con showcase. 

IGN reported on the panel, which included director Andy Muschietti and the entire cast of adult "Losers:" James McAvoy (Bill), Jessica Chastain (Beverly), Bill Hader (Richie), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike), Jay Ryan (Ben), James Ransone (Eddie), and Andy Bean (Stanley). Eventually, all except Bill were joined by their younger selves. Skarsgard was not in attendance. Muschietti proceeded to reveal the first look at his upcoming film, which draws from one of the novel's most disturbing scenes.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

In the scene, Jessica Chastain's Beverly revisits her childhood home, which is currently occupied by an elderly woman named Mrs. Kersh. Upon receiving word that her father has since passed away, Kersh invites Beverly inside with tea on the mind. While she waits, Bev inspects her surroundings, even discovering the love-poem Ben penned in her honor. Unfortunately for Bev, everything quickly turns left. A rushing figure in the distance indicates that dread is on the horizon, and it isn't long before the vibe has changed completely. Flies line the windowsill. Kersh is slick with sweat. 

As Bev moves to leave, she notices an old picture, allegedly of Kersh's father. Only her father looks exactly like Pennywise. As she turns, she's met with nightmare fuel - a nude, decrepit old Kersh, in true crone form. Those who have read the book likely recall this disturbing scene, and we can only hope Muschetti does it justice. Are you excited for It: Chapter 2? Sound off below.