Former NBA player John Salley recently made an appearance at the second annual Eaze Summit, where he spoke candidly about his experiences with marijuana in the NBA, including how weed influenced his life, and the biggest misconceptions about cannabis and athletic performance.

Salley, who explained that he was anti-marijuana until he first tried it during his final NBA season in 2000, didn't mention many names while discussing marijuana use in the NBA, but he did shoutout Stephen Jackson for having the best product of anyone in the league.

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/BIG3/Getty Images)

“It was a trip, because when I got in the NBA, I was experiencing different things – I would go to comedy stores as opposed to nightclubs and things like that – and there’s guys on the team that you know smoke weed,” Salley said (H/T Eaze). “And they hung together. As I got older, I realized those were always the better players on the team.”

“It sounds crazy but like – Stephen Jackson, good friend of mine – Stephen Jackson, as you know, always had the best weed. Great ballplayer! And whenever he was traded to another team, they played better,” Salley continued (H/T Eaze). “I heard some other player, I’m not going to say his name, but a (weed) container fell out of his car. And then he won two championships in a row.”

Captain Jack has openly admitted to smoking weed during his 14-year NBA career, and is among those advocating for its legalization.

Salley played professionally in the NBA and overseas from 1986-2000, and is now in the marijuana business with his daughter. “Now not only have I tried to grow it and help people get it, but I’m also in business with my daughter (with her company) Deuces 22, hopefully selling the best cannabis in California,” Salley said.

As for Salley's comments about the two-time NBA champion who had a weed container fall out of his car...