Stephen Curry has been getting better and better as the season's progressed, and according to Golden State coach Steve Kerr, it has to do with Curry's growing chemistry with teammate Kevin Durant. Here's part of what Kerr had to say:

“I think it’s just feeling comfortable with the lineups and feeling comfortable with KD ... I think early in the season Steph was trying to go out of the way to find KD and get him shots and I think he was almost worried if he shot too much it would almost take away from Kevin ... I think what Steph’s realized is he can just be himself and let it fly," he continued. "He doesn’t have to worry about Kevin or Klay or anybody else. We feed off of Steph’s energy and shooting. And Kevin is so unselfish, I mean he only had 11 shots today and went 9 for 11. He could be upset. Some guys in his position would be upset. ‘I only got 11 shots and I made nine of them.’ But he loves it when Steph’s scoring and shooting. So I think just the overall dynamics within the team have been established and in the first half of the season we were probably figuring some of that stuff out.”

It sounds like Golden State is going to mop the floor with the rest of the NBA at this point. Check out the video below of Kerr's press conference, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.