Apparently, Drake is tight with The Most High. It was recently revealed that Drizzy is attempting to trademark the term "God's Plan." The Candian rapper wants to use the term for merchandise, marketing, clothing, and also a game show. Maybe Drake learned his lesson, after he created the term YOLO and watched it become the most marketable phrase in the world without first trademarking the saying. He's not going to make that same mistake twice. 

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the veteran comedian touched on Drake's latest business endeavor. "It turns out that Drake is trying to trademark the phrase 'God's Plan,'" Colbert stated. "That's a pretty common expression to try to trademark. I guess somebody already beat him to 'How's it going?,' 'You up?,' and 'Guac is extra.'" After wondering out loud whether God would be mad at Drake or not, the Heavenly Creator himself appeared (via a ceiling projection) and revealed that it's all love between him and Drizzy. 

After God claims that he wanted to trademark "God's Plan" himself but, "didn't have the startup money," he admits that he enjoys drinking lean and also owns a club with Drake. "We co-own a club in Houston, I'll put you on the list, it's gonna be wavy," God says while dawning the shutter shade Kanye glasses and doing the dab.