Stephen A. Smith is easily one of the greatest sports media personalities we have ever had the pleasure of seeing on TV. Even if you absolutely despise his opinions, there is no denying just how great he is. There are multiple instances in which he has been turned into a meme and at this point, we've lost track of how many great clips there are. Luckily, there are accounts like Stephen A. Smith's Burner that keeps tabs for us.

In fact, the infamous Twitter burner account held a Meme Madness tournament as a way to keep fans occupied during the quarantine. Meme Madness features a massive bracket with some of Smith's best memes going up against each other. In each round, fans could vote on which meme advanced. Yesterday was the final which featured Smith's Lamar Odom on crack segment and the "I am having a very bad" Kanye West "Wolves" edit. In the end, the "Wolves" edit came out on top by a close margin.

Personally, the Lamar Odom clip was robbed. Not to mention, stay off the weed was eliminated early which just goes to show that most Twitter users aren't hip to Smith's classics. The voting was certainly skewed by Zoomers who don't know any better but as Smith would say, I digress.

Let us know in the comments below, which meme you would have voted for.