Yesterday, Shaq revealed to the world that he believes he, Kobe Bryant, and the three-peat Lakers could have beaten Michael Jordan's legendary Chicago Bulls. Shaq noted that he was such a dominant force that he could have easily feasted on some of the Bulls' defenders. He also claimed that if his free throw shooting was on point, it wouldn't even be close. 

Of course, these comments started a huge debate on social media with Lakers and Bulls fans going at each other. Even sports pundits are hopping on the trend with Stephen A. Smith doing so, as well. On First Take, Smith offered a fairly stern opinion about it all, claiming that the Bulls would wash the Lakers and that it wouldn't even be close. In fact, Smith said a seven-game series could very well be a sweep.

Smith later retracted that statement as he didn't want to be disrespectful to the dynamic duo that was Shaq and Kobe. Stephen A. went on to say that the two probably could have forced a fifth game although Jordan and Scottie Pippen would have been too much for the Lakers to handle.

This is certainly an interesting perspective so let us know whether or not you agree, in the comments below.