There has only been one weekend of NFL football so far but for Stephen A. Smith, it's already enough to determine who the best teams in the league are. Since the offseason, there has been plenty of movement when it comes to players being traded and signing with new teams so as you can expect, there is a ton of debate to be had over who is going to win the Super Bowl. During today's episode of First Take, Smith was tasked with yet another "A-List" segment where he counted down the five best teams in the NFL.

In the fifth spot, Smith had the Saints, while the Dallas Cowboys were placed fourth. From there, the Philadelphia Eagles came in third, the Kansas City Chiefs second, and the New England Patriots first. In the video below, Smith gives his explanations as to why these teams are ranked as such.

Smith has never been one to mince words and is typically a huge Cowboys hater. The fact he put them in his top five speaks to just how impressive they were against the Giants in Week 1. Meanwhile, it shouldn't come as a surprise the Patriots were ranked first considering how easily they dismantled the Pittsburgh Steelers who are a team some thought could make a deep run.

Let us know in the comments if you agree with Smith's picks and if not, who is in your top 5?