To say Stephen A. Smith was disappointed in Joel Embiid’s performance on Monday night would be an understatement. The ESPN host was in fact furious. Joel Embiid made his return to Toronto on Monday for the first time since the Raptors beat his 76ers last year in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, and what does Joel do for his encore rematch? He played 32 minutes and ended up with ZERO points last night, something that didn't sit well with many people.

On Tuesday's episode of First Take, Stephen A, who was a reporter in Philly for years and has nothing but love for the city, was fed up. In his obnoxious loud voice, Stephen A decided to go off on Joel, scolding him for his performance last night and asking “where he was at?” before calling him out of shape.

“First things first to Joel Embiiid, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” Stephen A hilariously screams into the camera. “32 minutes and ZERO points? Zero!?”

Stephen then goes onto remind everyone of Joel crying in Toronto to end last year after the loss, and thinking he would fuel that hurt onto the bball floor in the rematch, but no. “32 minutes in your first visit back to Toronto since that moment… That Kawhi Leonard broke your heart and sent ya home and you put up ZERO!?" Stephen again says.

Later, Stephen continued to go at Joel, saying he doesn't seem to be in shape this season and rather passive before going off to blame coach Brent Brown for some of the mishaps as well.

“My God, stop with the jump shots. get your big behind down in the low post. Starting making some noise there and get to the damn free line, make the FT’s when you get there, and oh by the way.. Brent Brown can you please coach? It’s your job! Why are we seeing the same things from Joel Embiid from two years ago?"

Check out the hilarious, yet rather factual rant from Stephen A. (below).