Stephen A. Smith is easily one of the most entertaining people in all of sports media and he never ceases to amaze his faithful listeners and viewers. Most of Smith's hot takes can be found on ESPN's hit TV show First Take where he gets to debate the likes of Max Kellerman every morning. Stephen A. has always been consistent with his opinions especially when it comes to weed. Smith has never been a big fan of the drug and always seems to reprimand players whenever they get caught for using the substance. This has led to his popular "stay off the weed" catchphrase which will forever be a top tier meme on the internet.

Today on First Take, Smith took his hatred of weed to the next level as he impersonated what a weed smoker would sound like if they were debating him on the show.

The clip is pretty hilarious and Kellerman seemed to get a kick out of the whole thing. He even quipped that Smith sounds as if he's never actually tried weed before which might not be far off. Smith's hatred for the drug has to come from somewhere as he's not the type of man to just irrationally hate on something.

Regardless, Stephen A. always makes for entertaining TV and we thank him for that.