Stephen A. Smith has been one of the most prominent voices in sports media and when he speaks, people listen. Even if you disagree with his opinions, there is no denying that he is great at what he does and that his voice commands respect. This was especially true today as Smith took to First Take to share some personal stories in light of Dak Prescott opening up about his depression following the suicide of his brother.

In the clip below, Smith noted that there were times in his life where he didn't care whether or not he lived or died. The first time this happened was back in the early 90s after his brother died in a car accident. Smith says he recalls driving his car recklessly soon after it happened, and explained how he regrets those actions.

Smith also divulged on the death of his mother and how it took almost two full years to be able to move forward with his life. These stories were quite touching and you could tell it was hard for Smith to open up about such a thing. Regardless, it was brave for Smith to do so, especially since he was showing solidarity to a man who has been going through a lot.

Following Skip Bayless' insensitive comments against Prescott, it was good to see an analyst use their platform for good.