Last weekend, Drew Brees suffered a brutal injury as he fractured numerous ribs all while collapsing a lung. Of course, this is an injury that takes a while to recover from, which means the New Orleans Saints must now field a backup quarterback this weekend, as they take on the Atlanta Falcons. Many thought that Jameis Winston would be getting the start given the fact he replaced Brees against the 49ers last Sunday. Instead, the team has announced that Taysom Hill will be getting the start, which is a decision that led to some anger and confusion on social media.

On today's episode of ESPN's First Take, Stephen A. Smith ripped the Saints for their quarterback decision, noting that Hill has thrown four passes all season and that at 30 years old, he has yet to prove himself capable of being a starting QB.

"He's 30 and I don't know if he's thrown 100 passes, I don't know if he's thrown 50 passes in his career," Smith said. "Now, forgive me. I apologize because I could be wrong. And I wish him nothing but the best. [...] Jameis Winston...that is the ultimate indictment."

Winston has been known for throwing a lot of interceptions, while Hill is mostly known for being a utility player who can assume any position on the field. Regardless, starting Hill over Winston is certainly controversial, but if it works and the Saints win this weekend, then pundits like Smith will have a lot to answer for on Monday.

Taysom Hill

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