Stephen A. Smith has been very adamant in the past that LeBron James can never be the GOAT. Smith reserves that designation to Michael Jordan, and there is nothing that LeBron can ever do to change that. LeBron is currently stuck at four championships and he doesn't have many years left to get to six. Not to mention, after going to the Finals a total of 10 times, LeBron has six Finals losses that have counted against his resume.

With all of this in mind, it was surprising to hear that Smith could very well change his mind about LeBron if he is able to accomplish this one thing. You see, the Lakers are a bit of a mess right now without LeBron in the lineup. Even with him back, no one expects them to make a deep run, however, Smith believes a massive turnaround could be the boost LeBron needs to match Jordan.

Stephen A. Smith

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

While speaking to Kendrick Perkins, Smith admitted that should LeBron win the title this year, he will have to reconsider LeBron as neck and neck with MJ for being the best to ever play the game. Perkins seemed pleasantly surprised by this turnaround, however, as Smith expressed, he believes it is virtually impossible for the Lakers to win this year, as he thinks the Warriors have it wrapped up, just 14 games into the season.

Smith's claim is certainly a bold one, however, it does make sense. Jordan's teams never had these kinds of chemistry issues, and it's clear that LeBron has a lot working against him right now. Only time will tell whether or not Smith actually honors what he's saying.