Stephen A. Smith is one of the most entertaining men in all of sports media and while people love to hear him on TV, they don't always appreciate his opinions. Smith can have some pretty polarizing takes that cause people to butt heads over his point of view. While sports may not be the most pressing issue of our time, people are understandably passionate about them and Smith has been able to tap into that psyche with ease.

Perhaps the segment that gets people debating the most is his A-List. This particular list is usually a top 5 that looks at the best individuals or teams in a given sport. Today, Smith brought back his A-List segment to countdown the five best teams in the NFL.

Smith started with the Chicago Bears at number 5 and worked his way down to the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, and Kansas City Chiefs. While this list is pretty solid, it didn't take long before the Twitter mob came to First Take's Twitter page and delivered some hot takes of their own.

Many fans felt like the Green Bay Packers should have been on the list instead of the Bears, while others were upset with the Chiefs' placement over the Patriots. With all of these reactions in mind, let us know how you feel about Smith's list in the comments below.