Colin Kaepernick has been one of the biggest names in sports over the last little while, even if he hasn’t played a single game since 2016. The last time Kaepernick was in the news, he was participating in a workout that was orchestrated by the NFL as an attempt to get him back into the league. As you all know, Kaepernick and the NFL had a huge disagreement on the waiver he had to sign and the workout was all but scrapped.

In a recent interview on Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s “All The Smoke” podcast, TV personality Stephen A. Smith spoke about the whole Kap debacle. As Smith explains, he was one of the people behind the scenes, along with Jay-Z and Roc Nation, who helped secure the workout.

“I happen to know that JAY-Z and Roc Nation was leading the call behind-the-scenes, working with the NFL,” Smith explained. “Half the owners didn’t want to do it. They literally said, ‘Bump them.’” 

Smith has been quite critical of Kaepernick’s decision to forego the workout and based on this new information, perhaps we know why. It seems like Stephen A. made considerable efforts to secure this workout and he didn’t want those efforts to be wasted.

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