Stephen A. Smith has always been one of the most polarizing figures in sports talk media thanks to his brash takes and refusal to admit when he is wrong. Smith has also become a living meme as many of his clips have been repurposed in some pretty hilarious ways. In fact, if you're a frequent Twitter user, you have probably heard of Stephen A. Smith's Burner which is an account dedicated to posting all things Stephen A. related.

Smith has been fairly critical of Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield over the last few years and while Baker had a massive four-touchdown game in a win against the Titans yesterday, it doesn't seem like Smith has any interest in apologizing. Despite the Browns' 9-3 record, Smith was adamant that the QB hasn't shown him enough and that he'll need to prove himself over the last stretch of the season.

"He beat Houston, 10-7. He defeated the Philadelphia Eagles. He completed 60 and 54 percent of his passes in those games, and he beat Jacksonville before Tennessee yesterday," Smith laid out before calling out Max Kellerman's admission that Mayfield is average. "There are some games on the schedule coming up against Baltimore, against the Giants. Let's see what he does."

With the playoffs on the horizon, the Browns look like a team destined to surprise people, and if Mayfield can win a playoff game, then Smith will certainly have some apologizing to do.

Stephen A. Smith

Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images