Yesterday afternoon, Uninterrupted released a 14-minute documentary titled, "The Concept of Cannabis," featuring former NBA player Al Harrington's cannabis extract company, as well as the NBA's policy against marijuana use.

A portion of the documentary includes a discussion between Harrington and former NBA commissioner David Stern, who supports the movement to remove weed from the NBA's ban substance list.

Stern told Harrington,

"I'm now at the point where, personally, I think [weed] probably should be removed from the ban list," Stern told Harrington.

"I think we have to change the Collective Bargaining Agreement and let you do what is legal in your state," Stern added.

"If marijuana is now in the process of being legalized, I think you should be allowed to do what's legal in your state."

Not everyone was on board with Stern's opinion, including ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. As we know, Stephen A. isn't down with "the weeduh," and he doubled down on his stance during today's taping of First Take.

Stephen A. says if individual states want to legalize weed, that's fine, but he doesn't want to see players walking around the court high out of their mind, which is something Stern said was an issue while he was still commissioner.

“And I can say that because I have seen instances where it has occurred. I’m not going to mention any names, but I’ve seen it, up close and personal, where a dude goes in and you got a coach sitting there calling a play and the player’s, like, ‘Huh?’ — rocking back and forth. Hell no! I don’t want to hear that. I don’t want to see it! I don’t want it endorsed! I don’t want it OK'd.”

Stern was commissioner of the NBA from 1984-2014, "during the roughest time for the NBA for drugs," and said his strict policies were appropriate at the time. He told Harrington, "Some of our players came to us and said [players] were high coming into the game, so we began tightening it up."

You can check out "The Concept Of Cannabis" documentary in it's entirety right here.