Antonio Brown has been the most fascinating case study in sports this season as he continuously got himself into trouble at the start of the NFL campaign. He was promptly kicked off the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots with no other teams looking to sign him at this juncture. Much of this has to do with the allegations surrounding him although he should be able to get back into the league soon enough. Regardless, Brown has done irrevocable damage to his career and fans are wondering if he'll be able to save himself.

During a recent episode of ESPN's First Take, the always entertaining Stephen A. Smith spoke about AB's antics and gave him some advice on how to make this all go away. Essentially, Smith thinks Brown should just admit that he's insane as it's the only way to justify his actions.

"Right now, he needs to come out with an insanity plea," Smith said. Stephen A's co-host Max Kellerman echoed those exact same sentiments which marks a rare occasion where the two agreed with each other. While Smith's assessment might be harsh, he could be on to something although Brown should be evaluated first before making such a bold statement.

It will be interesting to see how Brown gets himself out of this predicament and whether he'll ever play another down in the NFL.