Stephen A. Smith is one of the most animated sports personalities on television and the radio. Almost every week we get a new clip of the "First Take" host offering a hilarious Hot Take or making himself the enemy of a particular teams fanbase, or in some instances, the front office. Now that the NFL playoffs are here, the takes are getting even steamier and Stephan A. continues to impress us.

On "First Take" Thursday, Stephen A. was a part of a segment where he ranked the top 5 quarterbacks that are still left in the NFL playoffs. His list was quite baffling considering Tom Brady was fifth, Dak Prescott was above Brady at four, and Andrew Luck was crowned the best of the remaining QB's. The only picks that really made sense were Patrick Mahomes at two and Philip Rivers at three. The craziest part of the segment though was Smith leaving off Drew Brees.

As soon as Smith was done the segment, his fellow co-host Max Kellerman roasted him saying Drew Brees easily should have been on the list. Smith admitted that he had completely forgotten about the Saints quarterback. He even went in on Eagles Super Bowl-winner Nick Foles, saying he was tired of him and didn't want to include him.

What do you think of Stephen A.'s rankings? Are they as he would say "blasphemous?"