Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman have always had good chemistry on ESPN's First Take and a lot of it has to do with the fact that they are on such polar-opposite ends of many debates. While some will say these opinions are manufactured for ratings, it still goes without saying that Kellerman and Smith make for compelling television, even if some of the topics are both recycled and stale. 

One debate that has never grown old between these two involves none other than Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For years now, Kellerman has been trying to make the case that Brady is dwindling and can no longer be an effective quarterback. Time and time again, Kellerman has been proven wrong on this, especially this season as Brady continues to play some of his best football. 

Following the signing of Antonio Brown, Kellerman tried to make the point that Brady is a great leader, which led to a tirade from Smith. The First Take host unleashed on Kellerman, calling him "pathetic" for trying to skate around saying Brady is a good quarterback.

Later on in the conversation, Smith got even more aggravated as he proclaimed that he would officially no longer be having Tom Brady conversations alongside Kellerman. Even when Max tried to joke about him being wrong, Smith simply didn't want to hear it and shut the conversation down. It was a pretty hilarious bit of television, that even Kellerman couldn't help stop laughing at.

If the Bucs continue to win and Brady goes deep in the playoffs, Kellerman and Smith will certainly be in for some awkward conversations in the future.