Stephen A. Smith is one of the most colorful personalities in all of sports media so it's not surprising that he actually has a cameo acting on the daytime soap opera General Hospital. Stephen A. loves to act and sometimes, it feels like that's exactly what he's doing on First Take. The man had generated some pretty iconic moments on that show and continues to dazzle us with his charismatic personality.

During the intro to First Take today, Max Kellerman asked Smith how he was doing which led to a bit of a teaser from Stephen A. The host explained how he was tired because he had been filming a movie that will be released next year and that he couldn't divulge too much information. The clip was posted to YouTube by an account bearing Charles Barkley's likeness and also doesn't seem to know how to spell.

Either way, Kellerman seemed excited by Stephen A.'s revelation especially since it seems like he is talking about Space Jam 2LeBron James recently revealed that shooting has already started and the release date Stephen A. gave matches up with when the new Space Jam is slated to drop.

Should Stephen A. really appear in Space Jam 2 it might be one of the funniest crossovers ever. Smith's inclusion in the movie might actually be better than LeBron's.