If there is one NFL team that has been shoved down everyone's throats the last few decades, it would be the Dallas Cowboys. The team is constantly referred to as "America's Team" despite the vast majority of people despising them. With no Super Bowls since the 90s, the Cowboys have faced a ton of scrutiny and much of it has to do with their owner, Jerry Jones. After starting the season 3-0, the city was already starting the parade but on Sunday, the team lost it's third game in a row, this time to the New York Jets.

The Jets came into yesterday's game without a single win and were perceived as a team tanking for a high draft pick. Well, the Cowboys got ahead of themselves and lost. ESPN analyst and Cowboys hater Stephen A. Smith was watching the game from start to finish and was quick to make a mockery of the team on Twitter.


Smith has always been one to antagonize and pick fights with Cowboys fans as they tend to be the most overconfident supporters in the league when in reality, they shouldn't be. Now, the team is 3-3 and aren't even the best team in their own division, let alone the NFC or even the league. 

These last few weeks have been a tough pill to swallow for Cowboys fans and if they don't pick it up soon, their playoff hopes might be in jeopardy.