Earlier today, we reported that the Dallas Cowboys were officially moving on from Jason Garrett and would be hiring former Green Bay Packers head coach, Mike McCarthy. McCarthy has quite the resume as he won a Super Bowl with the Packers and made it to the playoffs numerous seasons. His last season in Green Bay wasn't exactly fruitful although he is still seen as a top tier coaching prospect. Fans were pretty polarized by the news of McCarthy's hiring and immediately took to Twitter to voice their thoughts.

Stephen A. Smith was among those who had a strong opinion about the hiring. Smith was on First Take this morning where he ripped into the Cowboys for taking a coach who hasn't won anything since 2010. The host believes McCarthy has a great resume although his recent output hasn't been very inspiring. 

The rest of the First Take panel seemed to agree with Smith's assessment, including former NFL head coach Rex Ryan who felt as though the hiring just isn't a good fit. You can always count on the Cowboys to make things interesting and that's exactly what they did with this latest decision. Even though they're not in the playoffs, we're sure the Cowboys will continue to be one of the most talked-about teams in the league over the next few weeks.