Stephen A. Smith made waves this past weekend when he helped coach one of the All-Star celebrity teams as part of the NBA's annual festivities. Smith is one of the most entertaining men in all of sports media and his antics were on full display during the match. Smith even got hit with a technical foul for mouthing off at the referees. It was truly a spectacle to behold and everyone on social media was talking about it.

Ever since the end of the match, fans have been on Twitter begging for Stephen A. to coach the team next year. Some fans are even demanding that Smith take to the court and actually play in the celebrity match. Yesterday, Smith got fans excited as he claimed he would actually do it.

If Smith does play in the match, it will be interesting to see how he does. There have been times where the First Take host has shown us his jump shot which always seems to go in. Smith's presence on the court would truly be a sight to behold and we really hope it happens. If you thought he was overly competitive as a coach, just imagine him as a player.