Stephen A. Smith has officially lost all faith in the New York Knicks.

After the Knicks traded Kristaps Porzingis last season, the team entered free agency on Sunday night with enough salary cap space to sign two superstar players to max contracts. What they came away with was Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, Bobby Portis and Wayne Ellington, while the Brooklyn Nets acquired Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

The Knicks didn't commit to any long-term deals, which is the silver lining as they continue to rebuild, but Stephen A. Smith wasn't in a "glass half full" type of mood after the Knicks missed out on the marquee free agents.

“Need a few minutes to gather my composure. Some how, some way, I’m just trying to hold it together, you know. Lifelong Knick fan. Years of mediocrity. I thought this was going to be it, at least weeks ago," Smith said.

"$70 million dollars in cap space. Porzingis gone. Porzingis can’t be gone, and we don’t get KD, and we don’t get Kyrie. No way! This can’t happen! This can’t happen! But it happened. The New York Knicks, with KD on the market, Kyrie on the market, Klay, Kemba, Jimmy Butler. They can’t get someone to come to Madison Square Garden.”

After sharing his own, deeply depressing reaction video on twitter, Smith joined ESPN's The Jump to expand on his feelings. Check out that footage in the video embedded below.