The Dallas Cowboys had a massive opportunity yesterday as they took on the Washington Football Team in what should have been an enjoyable Thanksgiving matchup. Coming into this game, both teams were 3-7 although the winner would ultimately propel themselves to first place in the NFC East, which just goes to show how bad the division is. In the end, the Cowboys were blown out by a score of 41-16, which came as a huge disappointment to Cowboys fans all across the country.

While Cowboys fans were distraught, there was one man who couldn't help but revel in their pain. Of course, that man is none other than Stephen A. Smith, who has a well-documented hatred of "America's Team." In the Twitter clip below, Smith walks in front of the camera and offers some replays that will make Cowboys fans cringe. Throughout the clip, Smith can be found maniacally laughing, all while rubbing salt in the wound.

Smith was much more reserved on First Take this morning as he noted that he feels like there is a real chance the Cowboys can still win the division and make the playoffs. Regardless, Smith was adamant that the Cowboys are a disaster right now, and given their most recent result, it's hard to argue with him.

Moving forward, the Cowboys will get to play the Baltimore Ravens next Thursday, in a game that should prove to be yet another tough test.

Stephen A. Smith

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLT