Twitter is one of the few places you can go these days to laugh. We are in the midst of a deadly pandemic but you can still count on people to make memes poking fun at the situation we are all in. In times like these, laughter truly is the best medicine, as cliche as that may seem. One of the people that has continued to bring us joy throughout this situation is none other than Stephen A. Smith of ESPN. His rants on First Take are always first-class entertainment and when you're bored and quarantined, he's a great person to watch.

In order to keep fans sane, Smith decided to share a compilation of arguments he has had on First Take. The catch? The baby filter has been placed on everyone's face. Of course, these baby face memes were running rampant a few months ago when the world was a much simpler place.

While it may only work for a split second, you have to commend Stephen A. for trying to get people to laugh. It's easy to take the little things for granted and this latest situation has given us a serious dose of reality.  Hopefully, Smith can continue to provide some laughter in the coming weeks, as the quarantine drags on.