On the same night and in the same game that James Harden suffered an injury to both eyes, Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry dislocated his middle-finger in gruesome fashion. Curry went to block Clint Capela of the Rockets when the ball tipped off his finger and bent in such a way where it was sticking out of place a bit. He ended up leaving the game for a bit to get an x-ray and then came right back to finish the match. Afterward, Curry's coach Steve Kerr discussed the extent of the injury.

"It looked bad when he came off the floor," Kerr said according to ESPN. "I looked at the finger and I was just hoping it was a dislocation and not a break. And fortunately, that's what it turned out to be. As far as whether it bothered him, you can ask him that. I thought he did some great things for us and fueled us; and may not have shot the 3 that well, but played a great game for us."

For Curry, he's just happy the injury isn't more serious than it is.

"It hurts, but it's all right. Didn't break anything. Fortunate, and some higher power's looking out for me on that one. Just gotta deal with pain and hopefully, before Saturday, that goes away and will be fine."

Curry will have three days to get his finger ready to go for Game 3 which goes down on Saturday.