Steph Curry's broken hand injury from the beginning of the season put the Golden State Warriors in a huge hole. We knew coming into this season that they wouldn't be very good but Curry's absence put them over the edge in the worst way possible. As it stands, the Warriors are last place in the entire NBA and are looking at a lottery pick. Fans have been speculating about when Curry would return and now, it appears as though the questions have been answered.

Curry will be back in the Warriors lineup tonight against the Toronto Raptors. The Star will be playing with some minutes restrictions as the team wants to keep him healthy for next season. In anticipation of tonight, the Warriors took to Twitter where they posted a video of Curry warming up. As you can see, he hasn't missed a beat as his footwork and shooting are still top-notch.

Of course, we won't know how ready Curry is until we actually see him in the game. However, he will definitely be motivated as he's taking on the Toronto Raptors who defeated him in the NBA Finals, last season. It remains to be seen what his impact will be tonight but if there is one thing for sure, it's that the Warriors are much more fun to watch with Curry in the lineup.